Civil Engineering - Vision, Mission, PEOs & PSOs

Vision, Mission, PEOs & PSOs


The vision of the department of the Civil Engineering is to become an emerging Centre of excellence in the field of civil engineering education and to produce innovators and integrators of ideas and technology for discovering a practical reality in what was once just imagined.


  • To adopt, monitor and maintain qualitative teaching learning process.
  • To maintain qualitative teaching, non-teaching and supporting staff.
  • To establish laboratories with state of the art equipment and facilities and meet the academic, research and consultancy needs.
  • To develop strong linkage with relevant industries, institutes of higher learning and reputed research organizations.
  • To contribute for the society by producing qualitative civil engineering graduates and by conducting service oriented training and development programmes.

Program Educational Objectives(PEOs)

  • To impart concepts of structural engineering through the use of analytical techniques, experiments, computer simulation methods, and other modern engineering tools in the analysis and design of variety of civil engineering structures and their components effectively.
  • To improve Student’s capacity building in up-coming areas of research and to develop skill of communicating structural design effectively in graphical and oral presentations.
  • To develop good communication skills, team work in their responsibilities with excellence and to be ready to take up challenges in the current scenario.

Program Specific Outcomes(PSOs)

  • The expertise in Civil Engineering Principles and suitable software to analyze, design, preparing drawings, reports and estimates for Civil Engineering Structures.
  • The ability to conduct field and laboratory tests as per the Indian Standards for different Civil Engineering Materials.
  • Enthusiastic to continually update the Civil Engineering skills so as to offer latest and optimized solutions to the problems of the society in the field of Civil Engineering.