Computer Science and Engineering - Vision, Mission, PEOs & PSOs

Vision, Mission, PEOs & PSOs


The Computer Science Department at KPRIT provides leading programs in computer science whose graduates are recognized as innovative and well-prepared computing professionals.


    The Department of Computer Science and Engineering teaches and conducts research in computer science and engineering and provides service to the University, the region, the nation, and the world. Faculty and staff strive to develop future leaders in academics and industry, with excellent technical skills, strong characters, and interesting learning abilities.

    Program Educational Objectives(PEOs)

    • Students shall be provided with strong educational foundation to excel and become leaders with professional ethics for a successful career.
    • Students shall be able to solve the real world problems with the knowledge of Computer Science through teamwork, critical thinking and effective communication.
    • Students shall be able to adapt the changes quickly in the technology and make themselves ready for a life-long learning.
    • Students shall be equipped with the knowledge to analyze, design and test the novel products.

    Program Specific Outcomes(PSOs)

    • Proficiency skill : Potential to understand, Implement and conduct research in various sub domains of Computer Science & Engineering.
    • Analytical skills : Capability to apply theoretical knowledge to practical implementation for a quality product.
    • Successful Career and Entrepreneurship: Preparedness to adopt new technology with unprecedented ideas to be a successful entrepreneur besides a zeal towards higher studies.