Electronics & Communication - Industrial Visit

Industrial Visit


College authorities proposed to visit DOORDARSHAN KENDRA as part of educational workshop environment. Students reached in time guided by faculty members. We Reached by 11:00 AM Doordarshan yadagiri after security formalities enter the technical zone Ramanthapur studios here the programmes are made live news and other part of activities by duty engineer explained briefly about its functionary systems.

STUDIOS- 1 & 2.

Here the programme sent to station by using high power microwaves through PDA PARBOLIC DISH ANTENA positioned towards satellite transponder that coordinates to which the earth station antenna must be pointed to communicate with the satellite is called LOOK ANGLES. They are azimuth and elevation longitude and latitude of the place to demine played vital role in track back satellite.

Ob van and DSNG VAN these are mainly cover live telecast of various programmes. Up- linking studio and other places too. After finished here we went transmitter at MALAKPET.

Here two types of transmitters are working .10kw and 1kw Here down link the programme through PDA signals are in c-band or ku-band. Satellite system explained space communication satellite is in stable state of the orbit broadcasting service that allows subscriber to receive TV signals through dish. An outer antenna the TV signals comes that in fixed orbit above the EARTH. Communication satellite is an artificial satellite that relays and amplifies radio and telecommunications signals via TRANSPONDER it acts communication channel between SOURCE and RECIVER..

Geosynchronous orbit, the orbit happens when satellite‘s orbit around the earth matches the rotation of the earth thus it becomes a FIXED or stationary position the sky. Satellite is above 35890kms the equator. Observer on earth a satellite in a geostationary orbit appears motion less in a fixed position in sky this is because it revolves around the earth’s own angular velocity 360 degrees way 24 hours in equatorial orbit.

Due to bushes in the area nearby PDA our students are feared about unwanted hazards stopped and take away to his chamber, where three satellites is enough to cover global positioning our needs but 2200 satellites are in different orbits in space. Space is for peace but not other way sir asked YOLO one of the friend gave reply...and then explained band 1 and 3 frequency range channel band width how to place video and audio within vhf range in 7mhz.then IRD INTEGRATED RECIVER DECODER functioning the video, audio and data extract and then DA VIDEO AND AUDIO amplifiers switchers the selection of programmes then exciter the vital part of transmitter here modulations and corrections etc takes place then power amplifiers boost the signal then 3db coupler diplexer and harmonic filter dehydrators and finally coaxial cable routed to antenna where the isotropic dipole scatter signals to viewers but they need yagi antenna then only they will get free signals from doordarshan..As generations doordarshan adopted analog to digital numerous advantages within stipulate band relayed for five programmes at a time even mobile access is also..Finally the end came to rush back other students are waiting for bus to reach their destination it is wonderful fully enjoyed the movements at doordarshan especially at transmitter area took few photos as a memory for us. Thanks to VIJAYAKUMAR SIR took lot of interest showed lack of time other topics like GPS. We thank college Management and Principal for giving this opportunity.