Electronics & Communication - Vision, Mission, PEOs & PSOs

Vision, Mission, PEOs & PSOs


The vision of ECE Department is to offer pioneering learning in the fields of Electronic & Communication Engineering and research to produce engineers who are technically, ethically and morally trained to serve the needs of the society.


  • To Impart high quality teaching-learning by means of curriculum which is the latest.
  • To enhance Research, Consultancy and other outreach activities.
  • To offer quality education which make students employable and also entrepreneurs
  • Continuous up gradation of syllabus and implementation of latest techniques for teaching.
  • Improving the Industry institute interaction so that the latest industry needs and technology is brought to the class room.

Program Educational Objectives(PEOs)

  • To prepare students with excellent ability to understand basic sciences, mathematics and Core engineering subjects facilitating them to either gain employment or pursue higher education with an appreciation for lifelong learning.
  • To train students with problem solving capabilities including analysis, design and implementation by providing required practical skills that are not only Program Specific but helps them in demonstrating creativity and innovation that would enable them to develop state of the art technologies of multidisciplinary nature thus helping the development of society.
  • To inculcate positive attitude, professional ethics, effective communication skills, moral and ethical values and interpersonal skills which would facilitate them to succeed in their chosen profession exhibiting creativity and innovation through research and development in roles either as team member or leading a team.

Program Specific Outcomes(PSOs)

  • To enable the students learn, understand and apply fundamental knowledge of core Electronics and Communication Engineering subjects in the analysis, design, and development of various types of integrated electronic systems
  • Design and develop models for Signal Processing and Communication systems by developing competence in using electronic modern IT tools (both software and hardware) for the design and analysis of complex electronic systems leading to research..
  • To develop, design and use electronic and embedded systems for real time applications.