Mechanical Engineering - Activities

Department Activities

1. LOGO Competition – It was conducted on 04-09-2016. Designed by 13RA1A0333
Appreciation: The logo designed by Md. Mahboob Pasha 13RA1A0333 has been selected.
2. 2. Prototypes “Automatic Side Stand Retrieval System”. Designed and Developed by  13RA1A0342, 349,356
3. CRT CRT session is conducted for campus placements and toppers are as follows: 1. 13RA1A0342
2. 13RA1A0356
4. Engineers Day It was conducted on 14th September 2016.
5. Webinar Ø  Webinar on Additive Manufacturing on 21st September 2016.
Ø  Academia Faculty Presentation: Biomimicry (Learning From Nature) on 28th September 2016.
6. NSS 25/09/2016