Research and Development

R & D

Research and Development

Theoretical teaching along with Research and Development makes the campus unique and provides an break to produce competent and employable engineers with a application driven personalities. KPRIT has been following this model approach and exposing the students to the current advanced technological and new industrial trends as per the global demand. We have around 10 PhD’s faculty members from premier institutions like, IIT’s, NIT’s and IISER e.t.c

Research Objectives
• To promote a research hub facilitating multiple research centers covering heterogeneous research areas.
• To enhance the quality of quantitative research.
• To intensify collaborative research with premier Institutions and Industries.
• To encourage undergraduate students to participate in research activities
• To focus the research on Open community problems.
• To encourage the young researchers for Life Long Learning.

Research and Development Committee
The institution has a College Research Committee to monitor and address the issues of research. Following are the members of College Research Committee.

1 Dr. D. Eshwar R & D Director
2 Dr. Vipul M Dabhi ECE Member
3 Dr. S. Sreenath Kashyap ECE Member
4 Dr. Marlene Grace CSE Member
5 Dr. Suraykanth Biradar CE Member
6 Dr.Bhaskar H & S Member
7 Dr.JaggaRao H & S Member
8 Mr. P. Vinay Kumar ME Member
9 Mr. M. Gangadhara Rao EEE Member